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Testimonials for Josymir Maltese from our loving and happy puppy homes

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We take great pride in making sure that we match the right puppy with the right home. It is very important to us that our homes have a great experience with us when making the arrangements to adopt one of our Maltese and after they take their new puppy home. We believe that our hard work and the care we give to every person and every puppy is shown in the nice comments they have to say about us. We are very happy and proud that our Maltese puppies go to homes where they are loved, pampered and spoiled as they so deserve but even more than that we are pleased that our homes had such a great experience with us that they were eager to share it with the world.

Here is what our happy homes have to say...

We can't say enough about our experience with Josy of Josymir Maltese. From the moment I contacted her, I knew she was the one I was entrusting to give us the newest member of our family. Josy is a professional through and through and made it clear that it was just as important to her to make sure we were the right fit for one of her babies as it was that we get what we wanted. When the time finally came for us to pick up our "reggae" we went to her house and were able to see that our new baby was coming from a place that was not only clean and professional but loving as well. Josy gave us all of the important information needed to bring our new baby home and start him off on the right foot, and was always available to answer any questions we might have. When I took Reggae to the vet for the first time the vet immediately told us that Reggae came from a top notch breeder which he could tell from his teeth, his posture, and his coat. None of that really mattered to us, what mattered to us is that Reggae has been a complete joy to our family. A sweet, loving, fun, feisty and most importantly healthy little boy! We really can't imagine our lives without him, and for us their is really only one option when we are ready to add another maltese to our family... Josymir maltese. ps. Reggae is 4 years old and Josy and I still keep in touch, I send her pictures often so she can see how happy Reggae is, and it seems to really be important to her to know that he is well cared for and in a good place.
Sandy mom to Reggae since 2006
After months of looking for a Maltese breeder we felt we could trust, we discovered Josymir Maltese. Josy is the epitome of what one should look for in a breeder. She's knowledgeable, caring, responsible and passionate about her "babies". The two Maltese pups we got from Josy (purchased at different times) are healthy and beautiful and have brought us much joy. We feel extremely lucky to have found Josymir Maltese and highly recommend her and her dogs.
Ruth S. mom to Wilson (2000) & Tofu (2002)
Dear Friends of Josymir Maltese: We reside in the Boston area, and are satisfied customers of Josymir Maltese and happy to provide this feedback. Why did we choose Josymir? After conducting much research a few years ago regarding the Maltese breed and breeders, we discovered there were significant and stark differences between breeders which shows up in the puppies that are produced. We chose Josymir Maltese to provide us with two male puppies in 2007 and because two were not enough, we recently (2010) traveled all the way to the Pittsburgh area to add another male to our family. All three are beautiful, healthy, happy and of course, spoiled beyond reason!
From the initial inquiry to pick up and beyond, Josy tirelessly and proudly provides guidance and timely answers each and every question. She is always available. Her puppies are not inexpensive but then again, you get what you pay for. If you are lucky enough to add one of her puppies to your home, you will never regret it! Josy truly compliments and is a blessing to the Maltese world!
Rich W. dad to Harley, Matisse (2007) & Jaxon (2010)
How can you not love a Maltese? I can’t answer that question. I can answer another question, how can you show your love to the breed of Maltese? The answer: By purchasing your bundle of love from a reputable breeder. Josymir Maltese is a reputable breeder. I have loved 3 Maltese. The first Maltese I purchased from a random breeder (the price was right…seemingly). We loved him dearly, like I said, how can you not love a Maltese? After becoming more educated regarding breeding practices and the price of dogs I decided to look for a “reputable breeder”. I found Josymir Maltese. Many years later we purchased our next Maltese. I now have 2 Maltese from Josy. There is a definite difference between my first Maltese and the 2 dogs I now have. Our first Maltese had many heath issues like bad knees, fatty tumor, heart murmur and flattened trachea that caused many vet visits over the years and ultimately shortened his life. This dog was bred without any regard for his future health. A reputable breeder would not do that. Also my first Maltese was not very good at knowing that outside is where you go to pee. I feel that stems back to the early weeks when the breeder spends time to make the future owners job of house training easier. The 2 dogs I purchased from Josymir Maltese, passed there initial vet visits with flying colors, both had microchips implanted and not heart murmur, or bad knees. Neither dog has the pee issue that my first Maltese had and every time I look at my two boys my heart smiles. I love these dogs so much and have such admiration for what a great job Josy does we plan on getting another in the near future. Do not make the same mistake I made regarding the price of a dog. Support reputable dog breeding practices and if you educate yourself like I did you will realize that Josymir Maltese is a safe bet for a happy and healthy Maltese dog.
Louise mom to Eli (2007), Peyton (2009) & (2010)
We were very impressed with Josy. After phone conversations, in 2006 we decided to travel well over 500 miles to PA. When we got there, we were welcomed into a clean homey environment, and introduced to her well mannered Maltese. We were not in good shape emotionally after losing out beloved Maltese Oliver. I will never forget how compassionate Josy was with us. We walked out with Chip and adorable Maltese Puppy. Six months later we walked out with Myia. They are robust, healthy,happy rascals now 3 an half yrs old. They have brought us much joy and happiness. We could not imagine life without them or without Josy who is always a phone call or e-mail away to help us raise them. We highly recommend Josymir Maltese due to her hard work and breeding skills we found love,happiness and joy once again after our tragic loss.
Paula T. mom to Chip & Myia since 2006
I purchased one of Josy's girls last year and I couldn't be happier. Josy is such a top notch breeder who is professional, honest, kind, and very helpful. She had helped me to pick the dog with traits that I preferred and fit my lifestyle. Purchasing a dog from her is like a breath of fresh air and the experience couldn't be any more pleasant. She welcomed me to her house and to played with the dogs. She didn't rush me to make any decision even though there were other people on the waiting list. She is very knowledgeable about the Maltese breed and also a wonderful groomer. That is all I could ask for and plus I have a wonderful breeder whom I can talk to any time when I have questions. In the end, I got a dog who is well socialized, polite, intelligent, happy and beautiful. I won't hesitate for a second to recommend Josy to anyone who is interested in the Maltese breed, and I won't go anywhere else to purchase my next Maltese.
Tina mom to Sofia (2009) ~ Available for references~
After searching dozens of Maltese web sites and ads I found Josymir Maltese and seeing the beautiful show dogs assured me that a Josymir puppy would be true to the Maltese standard. It is apparent that Josy truly loves her dogs and their puppies and is dedicated to the breed. She sent me valuable information on care, feeding, grooming and training. When it came time for my puppy to make the trip from Pennsylvania to California Josy worked tirelessly to find a wonderful woman to carry the puppy to our arms safely. Because she had been so loved and already socialized, MiMi adapted to her new home and new family very quickly. She was already trained to use a wee-wee pad. I have never been so happy. MiMi is everything a Maltese should be: beautiful, intelligent, fearless, calm, gentle, eager to please and incredibly affectionate. And Josy is everything a Maltese breeder should be: dedicated, knowledgeable, caring, helpful and a kind, warm, honest person. Buying a puppy over the internet can be scary, but you can feel confident that you will have a delightful experience and that your puppy will healthy, happy and in every way a perfect Maltese.
Sylvia S. Mom to MiMi since 2010 ~ Available for references~
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We drove from North Carolina and purchased our little Rose from Josy in 2007. We were so enchanted by her beauty and sweet temperament that we drove up again in February 2010 and got Lily. We had no idea that we would be stranded in a snowstorm twenty miles away. Not only did Josy and Terry spend hours digging themselves out, they made the drive over to us with our puppy, and helped to dig our car out and get us on our way, which was not easy. Both puppies are in excellent health and an absolute joy. We highly recommend Josymir Maltese. Josy is very helpful, always available, knowledgeable, and very reputable. She is deeply commited to the Maltese. We continue to keep in touch and know that we can count on her.
April mom to Rose (2007) & Lily (2010)
I fell in love with the breed after my brother and his wife got a Maltese puppy. Still, I researched the breed for almost a year before I decided I wanted one of my own. I contacted lots of responsible breeders in my quest to find my perfect dog, but didn't have any luck. The majority of these breeders refused to even consider selling me one of their babies due to the fact that I lived alone and worked full-time, and would be leaving my baby home alone every day. I was shocked because I thought most people worked in order to support themselves! While feeling extremely discouraged, fate finally intervened, putting me in touch with Josy. Looking back now, that was one of the best things to ever happen to me. While she did question my motives for wanting a Maltese as the other breeders did, she was more laid back about it and was warm, friendly and encouraging. Even though I lived alone and worked, she found me quite acceptable to have one of her dogs. And while I desperately wanted a Maltese, I just didn't want ANY Maltese...I was looking for an active boy who was at least 5 months old, and had "the look." I sent her photo after photo showing her the look I wanted. She told me she already had the boy I wanted and sent me his photo. I was SOLD!! All I had to do was wait patiently for him to reach 5 months old and I'd hop a plane and scoop him up. While I was waiting, rather impatiently I might add, Josy and I kept in close touch. She was so accommodating to me; always available for every one of my phone calls and my numerous emails, while I asked her everything about owning a Maltese, and more. During this time I developed a close rapport with her and when the time finally came for me to pick him up, I felt like she was already my friend. The minute Shadow was put in arms I knew my life would never be the same again. He was exactly how she described him and I was immediately in love. Once I got him home, Josy continued to be "there for me" if I needed her. I bombarded her with the photos I took on a regular basis. Shadow had been a darling pup, but turned into a handsome boy with great pigment, and a gorgeous silky coat. It's now 5 1/2 years later and he is everything to me. Josy and I continue to stay in touch and she has helped me many times over the years. I feel so grateful to have one of her dogs and when the time comes for me to get another one, I'll be going back to her.
Sue mom to Shadow since 2004
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