Maltese Puppy vs Older Maltese Puppy (Teenager) vs Adult Maltese (Retiree)

What does it all mean?

Before we go into the explanation lets first define what we mean by the terms that will be used:
young puppy is one between the ages of 3 months old to 4 months
teenager or older puppy is one betwee 5 and 11 months old
adult is anyone over a year of age
Breeders usually have young puppies available and they are the most desired by people because most often people feel they can mold the puppy from a young age. However often time breeders, specially those who show, have teenagers available. These puppies are usually held back by the show breeder to determine if they are going to be of show quality. If they do not turn out as the show breeder had hoped they are then placed for adoption.
Lastly, the adults, these are dogs who are retired from the show ring or even from breeding and now are placed into their forever homes.

So which one is better for me?

That would depend on your personal needs and other factors.
Here are some links that explain the pros and cons of adopting at different ages:

How do I make my final decision?

The final decision will be made according to your personal choice, personal needs and what is available. Each stage in a puppy/dog's life is precious and your new addition will bond to you in a matter of a very short time. My advice is, to keep your mind open, your heart open and find the right dog/puppy for you despite of age.