Grooming Supplies

Maltese puppies
Using good supplies and equipment is extremely important. Most of the products breeders use on their dogs usually cannot be bought at regular pet stores. Since I am regularly asked where to obtain supplies I have compiled a rather extensive list that you can find Grooming Supplies Page.

Grooming Supplies you will need include:

  • Pin brush
    One with long pins to ensure you get all the way through the coat.

  • Combs
    I use a small and large comb. A small one for the face and tight areas and a large one for the body.
    Avoid the cheap ones and use the good steel ones -- they glide through the hair much better and break less coat.

  • Slicker brush
    I really like the small one for the legs and tail and the medium for the body.

  • Scissors
    A pair of 6 inch straight edge scissors for general hair cutting and a smaller curved blade pair for around the eyes.

  • Nail clippers

  • Rubber bands

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